Dimplex Ultra / Fleece Jumper

by Chips for the Poor



Released on NFNF Records with distribution from AWAL


released April 7, 2017

All music by Supreme Vagabond Craftsman



all rights reserved


Chips for the Poor London, UK

Official endorsers of the Shergold Masquerader guitar and Keio Mini Pops Junior drum machine

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Track Name: Dimplex Ultra
Oi! x 8

There's pure heartbreak as she stepped off the bus looking back
When the donkey derby rocks up and you find yourself cloned
But your clone stays at home as you go to work
Yes yes yes yes that's real life that's real life
Yes yes that's real life

Skin like a dolphin
I'm flying in my spaceship
Lay me in a drain pipe
Take me swimming in the moonlight
Teeth like an oil rig
Teeth like an oil

Crown the pisshead intervals and the hologram dishwashers
Set the clairvoyant ringtone to sacrifice the vultures

Lapping at your salt wound
Chest like a leopard's cage
Sipping on a coiled snake
Beware of the butcher
Spraying up the pearly gates

The electric clock stops as the bones in my back pop

When you uncross your legs
This world goes static
Waking up to pay the ghosts
Deposit on your mattress
Control them thoughts now
cos England is your mother
England is your father too

Gonna kick the sash jammers
Snuffin' out the blue blazers

It's taking over
Stereo confusion
Focus on them bubbles
As the sun burns out